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Midjourney Inc. is based in San Francisco and run by CEO David Holz and his self funded team focused to develope a cutting-edge AI-powered image generation platform – Midjourney. 

Midjourney has released several versions for its algorithm, with version 5 being the most recent alpha iteration. The platform has attracted attention from various industries, including advertising, art, and media.

Midjourney Bot Functions and How to Generate Images

Midjourney operates primarily through a Discord bot on their official server, where users can send direct messages and generate images using the /imagene command under newcomer rooms.  There's no program to install or convoluted libraries to set up, and if you already have a Discord account its simple to start. Midjourney prompt

/imagene Full shape of letter M in the style of a miniature village font, white background

In Discord you can also get in contact directly to midjourney's support and other helpful channels. Input a textual description to create an image in discord, AI then provides a set of four grid images based on the prompt.  Midjourney prompting using M letter sign

People can select which photo(s) they want to enhance from four variations of grid images and then make further changes. The server disallows adult content and gore, as well as text prompts that include words what are “inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive.”

In addition to the the Discord server and bot, the platform is working on a midjourney style website interface for easier access to unleash powers of the human prompting. The Life of M letter sign in mindjourney

Midjourney's AI technology has proven to be a valuable tool for composers and advertisers alike. Artists use Midjourney to quickly design artistic concepts. The advertising industry now uses midjourney discord.

AI tools like the Midjourney bot takes on Discord servers to create fresh content and images generated as innovative ideas. The ability for people to use this tech with community guidelines is more important than your ability to generate satire. Midjourney independent research lab exploring ai composition

Midjourney has potential for creative applications. However, it has been criticized by composers have accused Midjourney and also has had problems with fake images made with Midjourney imaginative powers of human species and ai art generators.

They feel it diminishes the value of midjourney bot their creations and original work and reduces job opportunities for them.

Commands and Parameters

To use Midjourney Discord server bot, you'll need to become familiar with a few basic commands and parameter:

Use the /imagine [prompt]: direct messaging with the Midjourney Bot. This command generates an image based on the given text prompt. For example,  Midjourney discord bot prompt

Midjourney discord bot would generate ai art of the “M” letter with details of village texture.

/upscale [image_id]: This command or pressing numbered U buttons on generated image, upscales the selected image to a larger version and in higher resolution.

To obtain a job ID and Image Seed, simply react to your created image using the "Envelope" emoji. The Midjourney bot will then send you a direct message, containing the image information. Midjourney command prompts

/modify [image_id] [input]: This command modifies the variations of the selected image, based on the given changes. For example, /modify 12345 add a cat would add a cat to the image with ID 12345.

/history: This command displays your recent image generation history.

Some optional parameters that can be used to customize the image generation process:

temperature: Adjust the randomness of the image generation. 

Lower values produce more conservative results, while higher values result in more varied and stylish images.

You can choose between different aspect ratios with parameters: aspect ratio: "16:9", "4:3", and "1:1".

iterations: Specify the number of iterations for the image generation process. A higher number typically results in more detailed images.

Midjourney's Artificial Intelligence technology offers an impressive array of features and parameters to customize the output. This makes the platform popular, as it is capable of creating pictures from words and is easy to use.

The company also expanding and on their website they call up people to join them. “Come help us scale, explore, and build humanist infrastructure focused on amplifying and expanding the imaginative powers of human mind and spirit.”

Follow the Midjourney Official Discord #announcements and #status channels on your server to stay up-to-date with Midjourney.

Notable Usage and Controversy

Various publications and media outlets have used Midjourney. Examples include The Economist and Corriere della Sera. They have used Midjourney to create images for their content. 

The platform has been criticized for its involvement in a digital art competition and an AI generated children's book. Critics have argued that these instances undermine the work of human composers.

In the beginning of the year 2023, three creators took legal action claiming their copyright infringement work had been violated. They named Stability AI, Midjourney, and DeviantArt as the defendants. The three artists also asserted that these businesses violated the freedoms of a massive number of creators. Unauthorized use of artworks obtained from the internet without permission breached copyright. This use was to teach AI systems and exploring new The Powers of the Human Species.

Midjourney uses natural language prompts for ai generated art, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion AI image generators. Dall-E Midjourney Stability

Let's create an example comparison image with the same input prompt in all of these AI Imagine models: Miniature village and windmills in lightbulb

/imagine Miniature village and windmills in lightbulb, Ultra realistic details, High definition photoshoot

Dall-e 2 Midjourney Stability.ai

Subscription Service

Midjourney offers three subscription tiers trial users but has temporarily closed free trials access because of high demand and trial abuse. As of April 2023, users must pay either monthly or yearly to use the service. The subscription plans include:

Basic Plan:

  • $10/month or $96/year
  • 3.3 hr/month Fast GPU Time
  • 3 concurrent jobs
  • 10 jobs waiting in queue
  • work solo in Direct Messages
  • rate images to earn free GPU time

Standard Plan:

  • $30/month or $288/year
  • 15 hr/month Fast GPU Time
  • unlimited Relax GPU Time
  • 3 concurrent jobs
  • 10 jobs waiting in queue
  • same features as the Basic Plan

Pro Plan:

  • $60/month or $576/year
  • granting 30 hr/month Fast GPU Time
  • unlimited Relax GPU Time
  • 3 concurrent Relaxed Jobs
  • 10 jobs waiting in queue
  • Stealth Mode
  • same features as the Basic Plan

Subscriptions can be managed at Midjourney account. Here, subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their plans and also cancel subscriptions or request refunds, under specific account terms of services. Additional Fast GPU hours can be purchased for $4/hr.

Pros and Cons of Midjourney

Midjourney's AI technology provides several benefits, including:

  • Fewer restrictions on topics
  • Flexible outputs with various aspect ratios
  • Total, searchable personal archive
  • Public, searchable archive
  • Subscription based payment system

However, there are also some drawbacks to using Midjourney:

  • Slower image generation
  • No editing capabilities
  • Not fully photo realistic
  • Limited support for image + text combination prompts
  • Public by default (unless you pay extra for Stealth Mode)

Midjourney website

Despite these limitations, Midjourney's AI technology provides a unique and innovative way to generate image based on text prompts. As the platform gets bigger, it will be more helpful for composers, advertisers, and media experts.

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