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Stability AI and Stable Diffusion

Apr 19, 2023

stability ai a stable diffusion ai image generation tool

The combined expertise of Stability AI, Runway, and CompVis paves the way for innovative text to image models.,**Stable Diffusion**, an advanced image generator that creates stunning visual representations based on text descriptions, was launched in 2022. Created by company [Stability AI](https://twitter.com/StabilityAI) in partnership with researchers and organizations to change the way people make images.,Its versatile applications and user-friendly interface make it accessible to anyone with a computer equipped with a decent GPU. They have developed a new model called Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) that is excellent at creating lifelike image. The company promised SDXL will get an open source release in the near future.,It can also generate different versions of an image and fill in missing parts. It even works in apps like Dream Studio and NightCafe Studio. The company wants to share their program with as many people as possible.,They hope that many people will use this ai model to create amazing images. If you want to learn more, visit their website at https://stability.ai,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Process_pctngx", alt="Diffusion Process" />,The development of Diffusion model was spearheaded by Patrick Esser from Runway and Robin Rombach from CompVis. Stability AI is the company that provided funding for the project and collaborated with other partners. First famous image prompt of a professional photograph of **an astronaut riding a horse** was made with stable diffusion model 2.,Partners like as [Eleuther AI](https://www.eleuther.ai/about) and [LAION](https://laion.ai/about/), to ensure the platform's success. In the future, they aim to develop more apps and services based on Diffusion model, further expanding its capabilities and reach.,Stable Diffusion utilizes cutting-edge technology to generate image accurately based on user input. The platform uses a tool to understand what the user writes and a smart system to create really good pictures. Similar to its competitor [Midjourney](https://www.zuznow.com/image/text-to-image/midjourney-ai-image-generator). As more people use it, the system gets better at making image that match what the user wants.,The image generator model, was trained using a vast amount of data collected from the internet. Researchers compiled image and their corresponding descriptions to teach the AI what various objects and scenes look like. This comprehensive **training data** enables the platform to understand and interpret user image input effectively.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Diffusion_Models_uspkli.jpg", alt="Diffusion Process" />,It has many fun features, like creating new image with text, changing parts of existing image, and fixing broken image. The new version, Stable Diffusion 2.1, has even more tools and features for users to be more creative. The Version 2 models was line trained, using a text encoder (OpenCLIP),Users have the option to fine-tune Stability AI's Stable Diffusion to optimize its performance for their unique needs. For instance, they can create image in a specific style, emulating their favorite artist, or even adopt a trending visual style. By experimenting with various settings and adjustments, users can generate truly one of a kind image that capture their imagination.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Example_images_generated_with_Stability_AI_xquu0m.jpg", alt="Example images generated with Stability AI" />,There's been a debate about who owns the image made using Stability AI's image generator model. Some folks worry that because the platform learns from pictures found online, it could use copyrighted image without permission. Meanwhile, Stability AI says people keep ownership of the pictures they make with Stable Diffusion.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stable_Diffusion_Audio_and_Video_Model_owmfvc.jpg", alt="Stable Diffusion Audio and Video Model" />,The first step to generating AI artwork image with Stability AI Diffusion is to build a good image prompt. A prompt is a text description that the AI model uses to generate an image. A good prompt should be detailed and specific, and should include powerful keywords. Keywords can be things like artist names, art styles, and art mediums. The more specific and detailed your image prompt is, the better your resulting image will be.,- A good image prompt should cover most, if not all, of these areas:,- Subject (required),- Medium,- Style,- Artist,- Website,- Resolution,- Additional details,- Color,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Company_zjlzxp.jpg", alt="Stability AI Company" />,Inpainting is an important technique for fixing small defects in generated AI image. In this part of the guide, you will learn how to use inpainting to fix defects. Inpainting is easy to use, and can be done using the SD GUI. For Image Inpainting with Stable Diffusion you can aslo download the SD 2.0-inpainting or Stable Diffusion 2.1 checkpoint and run it in python.,Inpainting is a technique that involves filling in missing or damaged parts of an image. It can be used to fix defects in generated AI image, such as small artifacts or missing features. ,This fine tuned Generative AI model has several base models available that you can use to generate image. Each model has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to choose the right model for your needs. Custom models can also be trained from the base models, allowing you to generate image with a specific style or object.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Dreamstudio_website_xwikpi.jpg", alt="Dreamstudio website" />,There are two main ways to start generating image with Stable Diffusion: using an online generator or using an advanced GUI. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a free online generator. However, if you outgrow the functionalities of the online generator, you can use a more advanced GUI.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Prompting_in_Dream_Studio_plam0n.jpg", alt="Prompting in Dream Studio" />,[API](https://platform.stability.ai/rest-api) can be found in the user's DreamStudio account. The API offers different versions of its operations, including stable production-ready versions, stable versions preparing for production release, and under-development versions with interfaces subject to change. The v1alpha and v1beta endpoints from the developer preview will be disabled on May 1st, 2023, and users are advised to migrate to the v1 endpoints as soon as possible.,gRPC API allows users to generate images with a variety of parameters, some of which affect pricing. The required variable for calling the gRPC API is prompt. When provided alone, it returns a default-sized image (512x512) with default settings. The response will contain a finish_reason to indicate the outcome of the request, and if it is filter, it means the safety filter has been activated and the resulting image will be blurred.,[Photoshop Plugin](https://platform.stability.ai/docs/integrations/photoshop) enables users to generate and edit images using both SD and DALL•E 2 directly within Photoshop. To get the latest version of the Stability Photoshop Plugin, you can either install it from the Adobe Exchange or download the CCX file directly. Installing the plugin from the Adobe Exchange is the easiest method.,With the Stability plugin for Photoshop, you can perform the following tasks:,Text-to-Image: Generate images from text using SD. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions on the "Learn how to use the Stability plugin for Photoshop to generate images from text, using SD" tutorial.,Image-to-Image: Generate image from your existing content using SD. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions on the "Learn how to use the Stability plugin for Photoshop to generate image from your content, using SD" tutorial.,Upscaler: Upscale your content with the Stability plugin for Photoshop. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions on the "Learn how to use the Stability plugin for Photoshop to upscale your content" tutorial.,[Blender Addon](https://platform.stability.ai/docs/integrations/blender) allows you to use SD directly within Blender, your preferred 3D software. With this addon, you can generate textures, create AI videos from your renders, and more. The addon can be used in different contexts, such as the 3D View and the Image Editor.,To get started, you'll need to install the addon and enter your Stability API key. After completing the initial setup, you can use the addon for various tasks, including:,Render-to-Image: Generate image from your renders using the Stability addon for Blender. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions in the "Learn how to use the Stability addon for Blender to generate image from your renders" tutorial.,Generate Textures: Create image from your existing textures using the Stability addon for Blender. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions in the "Learn how to use the Stability addon for Blender to generate image from your existing textures" tutorial.,Animation: Generate animations from your videos using the Stability addon for Blender. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions in the "Learn how to use the Stability addon for Blender to generate animations from your videos" tutorial.,Upscaler: Upscale your rendered image and animations with the Stability addon for Blender. To learn how to use this feature, follow the instructions in the "Learn how to use the Stability addon for Blender to upscale your rendered images and animations" tutorial.,By following the tutorials and guidelines provided, you can enhance your 3D projects with the Stability addon for Blender.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Future_Focus_n2okgu.png", alt="Stability AI Future Focus" />,Stability AI, along with its partners, is committed to enhancing and expanding the capabilities of Stable Diffusion. The goal is to improve the platform's language comprehension. This will enable it to generate image based on audio and video input. Additionally, the platform will explore potential applications in diverse fields, such as biology research.,As more people use Stable Diffusion, the platform will keep improving and adding more advanced features and functions.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_Runway_and_CompVis_hrq4lt.jpg", alt="Stability AI, Runway, and CompVis" />,The success of Stable Diffusion can be attributed to the collaboration between Stability AI, Runway, and CompVis. Their combined expertise has allowed the platform to flourish, with each organization contributing unique skills and knowledge. As they continue to work together, the possibilities for Stable Diffusion's future development are virtually limitless.,DreamStudio is a simple tool that helps you create image using the latest version of the Stable Diffusion model. Stable Diffusion is a fast and efficient model that creates high-quality image from text input from users, understanding the connections between words and image. With DreamStudio, you can create any image you can imagine in seconds. Just type in your text prompt and click "dream.",<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Stability_AI_applications_pqhwby.jpg", alt="Stability AI applications" />,SD can be used in many different industries and situations besides just creating image. Generating image from text descriptions can inspire innovation and creativity across a range of fields including ,- Advertising,- Marketing,- Gaming,- Virtual reality,As technology improves, more applications may appear, showing how Stable Diffusion has value in many fields.,Stable Diffusion can be a valuable tool for educators, providing a unique and engaging method of teaching various subjects. Teachers can use the platform to create image from students' written descriptions. Which can then be used to help them improve their writing and visualizing skills.,Students can also use the platform to explore their creative interests and experiment with different styles and image techniques.,<img, sizes="(min-width: 50em) 50em, 100vw", srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_256/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg 256w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg 512w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_768/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg 768w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1024/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg 1024w,, https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_1280/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg 1280w", src="https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto/q_auto/c_scale,w_512/v1681912779/images/stability-ai/Planet_Earth_prompt_in_Dream_Studio_k7qtyy.jpg", alt="Planet Earth prompt in Dream Studio" />,Artists and designers can use Stable Diffusion to generate image for various projects, from digital art to product design. The platform has a feature that creates image from text descriptions. This allows users to quickly try out different concepts and styles. This streamlines the creative process and saves time.,Stable Diffusion has models that can copy different artistic styles. Artists can use these image models to learn new techniques or show respect for their favorite creators.,Stable Diffusion may change the entertainment industry by creating image for movies, TV shows, and games. The platform can make the image production process faster and cheaper. Creating detailed and unique generative ai visuals from written descriptions, while still producing high-quality image graphics.,Companies in the entertainment sector have already adopted Stable Diffusion. The platform's influence on the industry is likely to grow.,[<kbd>Stability.ai</kbd>](https://stability.ai),<a href="https://stability.ai" rel="Stability.AI">![Stability AI](https://res.cloudinary.com/demo/image/url2png/c_fill,g_north,h_150,w_800/https://stability.ai)</a>

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creative generative ai models

Jun 19, 2023

adobe ai: artificial intelligence in creative cloud

The future of creativity is here, and it's powered by Adobe AI! Imagine a world where your creative ideas come to life with the help of artificial intelligence, enabling you to craft stunning visuals with ease. The latest advancements in Adobe Creative Cloud unlock the potential of AI, transforming the way creators and artists do workflows and bringing an unprecedented level of efficiency to the creative process.,This blog post will take you on a journey through the innovations in Adobe AI, from the groundbreaking Adobe Firefly and Generative Fill to AI-enhanced Adobe Stock Images and Creative Co-Pilot. We'll also discuss the exciting future of 3D and immersive experiences, responsible AI development, and the Desktop Beta App that lets you test drive the cutting-edge of creativity. Get ready to unleash the power of AI in your creative projects!,- Adobe AI is revolutionizing the creative landscape with its powerful generative engine, Firefly!,- Harness the power of AI to boost your creative efficiency and accelerate your ideation with Adobe Stock Images & Creative Co-Pilot!,- Get an exclusive preview of Adobe's AI-powered Creative Cloud tools, explore a world of creativity now!, ,![Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Max logo with people in the background, celebrating creativity](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173878/images/adobe%20ai/Adobe_Creative_Cloud_and_Adobe_Max_logo_with_people_in_the_background_celebrating_creativity_sjxvhq.png),AI is no longer just a buzzword; it's a game changer for the creative industry. Unveiled at Adobe MAX, the latest version of Creative Cloud brings a slew of innovations in artificial intelligence, revolutionizing the way creators and artists approach their work. From accelerating ideation and image editing to crafting stunning visuals and sound, Adobe AI is reshaping the creative landscape, empowering artists with tools that were once the stuff of dreams.,So what exactly is Adobe AI? It's the integration of artificial intelligence into Adobe's creative tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, through an impressive generative AI engine called Firefly. This powerful engine enables the creation of beautiful images, vectors, videos, and 3D content from simple text prompts, opening up a world of possibilities for creators to explore.,![An image showcasing the powerful capabilities of Adobe AI in the new Adobe Firefly software.](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173877/images/adobe%20ai/An_image_showcasing_the_powerful_capabilities_of_Adobe_AI_in_the_new_Adobe_Firefly_software._yk7n3o.png),Adobe Firefly is the creative powerhouse tool that drives Adobe AI, a generative AI tool designed specifically for creative needs, use cases, and workflows. By pairing simple marks, like lines with a stylus, with AI data, Firefly produces the desired result in just a few brushstrokes, making the creative process more efficient and enjoyable.,But what truly sets Firefly apart is the immense practical advantages it offers creators. The content generated new objects made in Firefly can be used commercially, and there's a choice of different Firefly models tailored to various uses. The future possibilities are staggering: Firefly may soon be able to turn simple 3D compositions into photorealistic images and quickly create new styles and variations on ai image of 3D objects.,From posters and web banners to web, to social posts, Adobe Firefly empowers creators with the idea of limitless potential.,Generative Fill is another groundbreaking addition to Adobe AI, a suite of AI-powered editing capabilities in Adobe Photoshop that allows users to add, extend, or remove content from images non-destructively using simple text prompts. Building upon Firefly technology, the Generative Fill feature edits existing images in a more targeted way, automatically adjusting to the perspective, lighting, high quality content and style of the selected image.,The benefits of the Generative Fill feature are immense, enabling users to quickly and easily generate and edit images without having to manually adjust the perspective, lighting, background, and style ai image. Moreover, it allows for non-destructive edits, preserving the original image intact.,Generative Fill has the potential to revolutionize image editing, streamlining complex image edits and even creating entirely new images created from existing ones. It's a true game changer in the realm of creative AI editing.,![Adobe Stock images with AI-enhanced features](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173877/images/adobe%20ai/Adobe_Stock_images_with_AI-enhanced_features_rvdvmx.png),Efficiency is crucial in the creative process, and Adobe AI is here to help. Adobe Stock Images and Creative Co-Pilot are two powerful tools that harness your data and the power of generative AI models to make customers improve design workflows and accelerate ideation.,Say goodbye to time-consuming image searches for the perfect image or color palette; these AI-powered tools are here to streamline your creative journey.,![AI-generated image with copyright restrictions removed](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173879/images/adobe%20ai/AI-generated_image_with_copyright_restrictions_removed_pacvsx.png),AI-enhanced Adobe Stock Images are a treasure trove for designers, created with the help of generative artificial intelligence tools that meet Adobe Stock's current submission requirements for illustration and are clearly labeled as generative AI content. These images offer a range of benefits, including faster image creation, more creative options, and a more efficient workflow.,To be accepted as AI-enhanced Adobe Stock Images, the images must meet Adobe Stock's current submission requirements for illustration and be clearly labeled as generative AI content. This ensures that designers have access to a vast library of high-quality, AI-generated images, making it easier than ever to find the perfect visual for their projects.,![Creative Co-Pilot with AI-powered assistance](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173878/images/adobe%20ai/Creative_Co-Pilot_with_AI-powered_assistance_lcyebt.png),Creative Co-Pilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps designers with tasks such as finding the right images, suggesting color palettes, and providing design inspiration. This incredible tool, also known as Generative Fill, is integrated into Adobe's Creative Cloud, specifically in Photoshop, and automatically matches perspective, lighting, and style of images to enable users to streamline creative workflows and enhance productivity.,The benefits of Creative Co-Pilot are truly astounding. It can save users time and effort by automating tedious tasks and providing creative inspiration. Moreover, it helps users create more professional-looking images with less effort, making it an indispensable tool in the modern designer's toolkit.,![3D objects generated with AI technology](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173879/images/adobe%20ai/3D_objects_generated_with_AI_technology_hja9mm.png),The world of 3D and immersive experiences is evolving rapidly, and Adobe AI is at the forefront of these innovations. Substance 3D Collection Integration and future possibilities of AI-powered 3D generation are two key developments that promise to revolutionize the way we create and experience 3D content.,Let's dive deeper into these exciting advancements and discover the impact they can have on the creative industry.,The Substance 3D Collection is a versatile collection of materials that can be used in Photoshop and Illustrator. Now, with its integration into Creative Cloud, the Substance 3D Collection is more connected than ever before, providing seamless interoperability between apps and workflows, enhancing the creative process.,Substance 3D materials can make the creative process in Photoshop and Illustrator faster, more enjoyable and amazing. It is like working with magical materials! With the power and technology of Adobe AI and the Substance 3D Collection at your fingertips online, there's no limit to what you can create.,AI-powered 3D model generation is an intriguing concept that can potentially reshape the landscape of 3D modeling and graphics. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, AI-powered tools can generate 3D models from text prompts or images, opening up a world of possibilities for various applications, from video games and virtual reality to medical imaging and architecture.,The implications of AI-powered 3D generation are vast, offering faster and more accurate results while reducing the cost of 3D model creation, making it more accessible to a wider range of users. As Adobe AI continues to advance, the future of 3D and immersive experiences becomes even more exciting and full of potential.,![Generative AI models with content credentials](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173878/images/adobe%20ai/Generative_AI_models_with_content_credentials_zgq3c3.png),With the rapid advancements in AI, it's crucial to ensure that its development is ethical, transparent, and accountable. Responsible AI development means putting creators first, empowering them with AI tools and technology that enhance and expand their creative abilities rather than replacing them.,Adobe is committed to responsible web AI development, with initiatives like the Content Authenticity Initiative and customizable AI models ensuring that creators remain at the forefront of AI-powered web creativity.,![Empowering customers with commercial use of AI models](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173877/images/adobe%20ai/Empowering_customers_with_commercial_use_of_AI_models_ie6dpa.png),The Content Authenticity Initiative is an Adobe-led community of creators, technologists, journalists, activists, and educators, all passionate about promoting authentic storytelling through digital content provenance. The Initiative uses cryptographic asset hashing to provide verifiable, tamper-evident signatures openly licensed content, ensuring that the image and metadata haven't been unknowingly altered.,A crucial aspect of the Content Authenticity Initiative is the "Do Not Train" Content Credentials tag, a universal tag associated with a piece of content wherever it's created, used, published, or stored. This tag plays a vital role in maintaining accountability, responsibility, and data transparency in generative AI technology, ensuring that digital content remains reliable and trustworthy.,![Adobe Creative Cloud logo with people in the background, testing the Desktop Beta App](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1687173877/images/adobe%20ai/Adobe_Creative_Cloud_logo_with_people_in_the_background_testing_the_Desktop_Beta_App_ndhefr.png),Commercial use and customizable AI models play a significant role in responsible AI development. Commercial use refers to using AI models for business purposes, while customizable AI models can be tailored to the specific needs of a creator. This allows creators to use AI to create content that is unique to their style and vision, ensuring that AI serves as an empowering tool rather than a replacement.,The implications of commercial use and AI art are equally important, as AI-generated images are free for commercial use, and AI art cannot be copyrighted. By embracing responsible AI development, Adobe ensures that creators remain at the heart of the creative process, allowing users to reaping the benefits of powerful AI tools without compromising their artistic integrity.,Adobe's Desktop Beta is now available. App is your ticket to the cutting edge of creative AI. This innovative program within Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to test out new features and tools before they are officially released, offering a glimpse into the future of creativity.,By using the Desktop Beta App, you can get a head start on harnessing the power of Adobe AI and Creative Cloud, experimenting with groundbreaking tools like Adobe Firefly and Generative Fill.,Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first customers to experience and develop the next generation of creative AI tools – test drive and develop the future of creativity with the Desktop Beta App today!,In conclusion, the world of Adobe AI and Creative Cloud is a treasure trove of innovation and potential, offering creators an unprecedented level of efficiency and power in their creative pursuits. From Adobe Firefly and Generative Fill to AI-enhanced Adobe Stock Images and Creative Co-Pilot, these game-changing tools are transforming the creative landscape, setting a new bar for what's possible in the realms of design, 3D, and immersive experiences.,As Adobe continues to push the boundaries of AI-powered creativity, the future looks brighter than ever for creators and artists alike. Embrace the power of Adobe AI and Creative Cloud, and embark on a thrilling journey to unlock the full potential of your creative vision. The future of creativity is now, and it's waiting for you to seize it.

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midjourney ai image generator

Apr 17, 2023

midjourney ai image generator

Midjourney Inc. is based in San Francisco and run by CEO David Holz and his self funded team focused to develope a cutting-edge AI-powered image generation platform – Midjourney. ,Midjourney has released several versions for its algorithm, with version 5 being the most recent alpha iteration. The platform has attracted attention from various industries, including advertising, art, and media.,Midjourney operates primarily through a **Discord bot** on their official server, where users can send direct messages and generate images using the <mark>/imagene</mark> command under newcomer rooms.  There's no program to install or convoluted libraries to set up, and if you already have a Discord account its simple to start.,![Midjourney prompt](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/e_shadow,x_w_div_50,y_w_div_50/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Midjourney_prompt_pg6gsw),<mark>/imagene</mark> Full shape of letter **M** in the style of a miniature village font, white background,In Discord you can also get in contact directly to midjourney's support and other helpful channels. Input a textual description to create an image in discord, AI then provides a set of four grid images based on the prompt. ,![Midjourney prompting using M letter sign](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Midjourney_prompting_using_M_letter_sign_iwy3ku),People can select which photo(s) they want to enhance from four variations of grid images and then make further changes. The server disallows adult content and gore, as well as text prompts that include words what are “inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive.” ,In addition to the the Discord server and bot, the platform is working on a midjourney style website interface for easier access to unleash powers of the human prompting.,![The Life of M letter sign in mindjourney](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/The_Life_of_M_letter_sign_in_mindjourney_xoguze),Midjourney's AI technology has proven to be a valuable tool for composers and advertisers alike. Artists use Midjourney to quickly design artistic concepts.,The advertising industry now uses midjourney discord. ,AI tools like the Midjourney bot takes on Discord servers to create fresh content and images generated as innovative ideas. The ability for people to use this tech with community guidelines is more important than your ability to generate satire.,![Midjourney independent research lab exploring ai composition](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/e_shadow,x_w_div_50,y_w_div_50/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741483/images/midjourney/Midjourney_independent_research_lab_exploring_ai_composition_p1eydt),Midjourney has potential for creative applications. However, it has been criticized by composers have accused Midjourney and also has had problems with fake images made with Midjourney imaginative powers of human species and ai art generators. ,They feel it diminishes the value of midjourney bot their creations and original work and reduces job opportunities for them.,To use Midjourney Discord server bot, you'll need to become familiar with a few basic commands and parameter:,Use the /imagine [prompt]: direct messaging with the Midjourney Bot. This command generates an image based on the given text prompt. For example, ,![Midjourney discord bot prompt](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/e_shadow,x_w_div_50,y_w_div_50/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Midjourney_discord_bot_prompt_hepzpk),Midjourney discord bot would generate ai art of the “**M**” letter with details of village texture.,<mark>/upscale</mark> [image_id]: This command or pressing numbered U buttons on generated image, upscales the selected image to a larger version and in higher resolution.,To obtain a job ID and Image Seed, simply react to your created image using the "Envelope" emoji. The Midjourney bot will then send you a direct message, containing the image information.,![Midjourney command prompts](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Midjourney_command_prompts_mff44b),<mark>/modify</mark> [image_id] [input]: This command modifies the variations of the selected image, based on the given changes. For example, /modify 12345 add a cat would add a cat to the image with ID 12345.,<mark>/history:</mark> This command displays your recent image generation history.,Some optional parameters that can be used to customize the image generation process:,**temperature**: Adjust the randomness of the image generation. ,Lower values produce more conservative results, while higher values result in more varied and stylish images.,You can choose between different aspect ratios with parameters: aspect ratio: "16:9", "4:3", and "1:1".,**iterations**: Specify the number of iterations for the image generation process. A higher number typically results in more detailed images.,Midjourney's Artificial Intelligence technology offers an impressive array of features and parameters to customize the output. This makes the platform popular, as it is capable of creating pictures from words and is easy to use. ,The company also expanding and on their website they call up people to join them. “Come help us scale, explore, and build humanist infrastructure focused on amplifying and expanding the imaginative powers of human mind and spirit.” ,Various publications and media outlets have used Midjourney. Examples include The Economist and Corriere della Sera. They have used Midjourney to create images for their content. ,The platform has been criticized for its involvement in a digital art competition and an AI generated children's book. Critics have argued that these instances undermine the work of human composers.,In the beginning of the year 2023, three creators took legal action claiming their copyright infringement work had been violated. They named [Stability AI](https://www.zuznow.com/image/text-to-image/stability-ai-a-stable-diffusion-ai-image-generation-tool), Midjourney, and DeviantArt as the defendants. ,The three artists also asserted that these businesses violated the freedoms of a massive number of creators.,Unauthorized use of artworks obtained from the internet without permission breached copyright. This use was to teach AI systems and exploring new The Powers of the Human Species.,Midjourney uses natural language prompts for ai generated art, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion AI image generators.,![Dall-E Midjourney Stability](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741483/images/midjourney/dalle-midjourney-stability_ym7ecf),Let's create an example comparison image with the same input prompt in all of these AI Imagine models:,![Miniature village and windmills in lightbulb](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/e_shadow,x_w_div_50,y_w_div_50/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Miniature_village_and_windmills_in_lightbulb_ytlqoa),<mark>/imagine</mark> Miniature village and windmills in lightbulb, Ultra realistic details, High definition photoshoot,![Dall-e 2](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Dall-e_2_mnrkld),![Midjourney](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741483/images/midjourney/Midjourney_jd7bcy),![Stability.ai](https://res.cloudinary.com/de9kjfzkn/image/upload/f_auto,q_auto/v1681741482/images/midjourney/Stability_uoucim),Midjourney offers three subscription tiers trial users but has temporarily closed free trials access because of high demand and trial abuse. As of April 2023, users must pay either monthly or yearly to use the service. The subscription plans include:,<ul>, <li>$10/month or $96/year</li>, <li>3.3 hr/month Fast GPU Time</li>, <li>3 concurrent jobs</li>, <li>10 jobs waiting in queue</li>, <li>work solo in Direct Messages</li>,<li>rate images to earn free GPU time</li>,</ul>,<ul>, <li>$30/month or $288/year</li>, <li>15 hr/month Fast GPU Time</li>, <li>unlimited Relax GPU Time</li>, <li>3 concurrent jobs</li>, <li>10 jobs waiting in queue</li>,<li>same features as the Basic Plan</li>,</ul>,<ul>, <li>$60/month or $576/year</li>, <li>granting 30 hr/month Fast GPU Time</li>, <li>unlimited Relax GPU Time</li>, <li>3 concurrent Relaxed Jobs</li>, <li>10 jobs waiting in queue</li>,<li>Stealth Mode</li>,<li>same features as the Basic Plan</li>,</ul>,Subscriptions can be managed at [Midjourney account](https://www.midjourney.com). Here, subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their plans and also cancel subscriptions or request refunds, under specific account terms of services. Additional Fast GPU hours can be purchased for $4/hr.,Midjourney's AI technology provides several benefits, including:,<ul>, <li>Fewer restrictions on topics</li>, <li>Flexible outputs with various aspect ratios</li>, <li>Total, searchable personal archive</li>, <li>Public, searchable archive</li>, <li>Subscription based payment system</li>,</ul>,However, there are also some drawbacks to using Midjourney:,<ul>, <li>Slower image generation</li>, <li>No editing capabilities</li>, <li>Not fully photo realistic</li>, <li>Limited support for image + text combination prompts</li>, <li>Public by default (unless you pay extra for Stealth Mode)</li>,<li>NO FREE TRIAL</li>,</ul>,[Midjourney website](https://www.midjourney.com),Despite these limitations, Midjourney's AI technology provides a unique and innovative way to generate image based on text prompts. As the platform gets bigger, it will be more helpful for composers, advertisers, and media experts.

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