FAQ’s About the Zuznow Platform

Find answers to the most commonly asked and technical related questions about the Zuznow platform.

General Questions
What is the Zuznow platform?

Zuznow is a mobile adaptation development platform (MADP) for large business and enterprise web applications. The Zuznow platform automatically converts web applications to a mobile friendly layout for all types of mobile devices, and lets you quickly build downloadable mobile apps, allowing you to manage your mobile strategy all from one easy-to-use platform.

How many clients are already using Zuznow for mobile adaptation?

There are currently 100+ companies and enterprises using the Zuznow platform, including large financial, insurance and healthcare institutions.

Does the Zuznow platform work for both consumer and back-end applications?

Yes. The Zuznow platform covers the full range of enterprise mobile needs, including B2B, B2C & B2E consumer facing and back-end web applications.

Is the platform for mobile web or app creation?

The Zuznow platform takes care of both. The first layer of the platform automatically & instantly adapts web-applications from their desktop format to a responsive, mobile friendly design. The second layer allows for quick and simple downloadable app creation.

What do I need to know to use the platform effectively?

Zuznow’s dashboard is built and designed for web developers to use, with zero learning curve. Using HTML, CSS, Jquery, and Javascript, any web developer can easily create mobile web apps and hybrid apps quickly.

Can I try the platform?

Yes, absolutely. Fill out the form on our “Get Started” page to get in touch with Zuznow and request a free demo.

I change my desktop web applications weekly, and sometimes daily. Will Zuznow work for me?

Absolutely. The Zuznow platform automatically and instantly updates your mobile applications to reflect the content on your desktop web applications. Any change you make to your desktop web applications will instantly be seen on all mobile devices.

I understand mobile responsive design is handled automatically. Can I manually tweak the results?

Yes, you have full control over the final design of your mobile applications. The second layer of Zuznow’s platform allows any web developer to easily tweak the responsive mobile design to customized specifications.

My web applications have advanced UX and UI features. Will Zuznow be able to implement them on mobile?

The Zuznow platform is excellent at preserving even the most advanced UX and UI features of your web application, automatically. You can also manually tweak the design to fit your specifications through the platform’s dashboard.

What about privacy? Does Zuznow store private data?

The Zuznow platform operated on a visual approach that does not have access to your back-end data. Zuznow Mobilization Servers (ZMS) are a closed box in which data is only transmitted from the application server to the mobile device, and vice-versa. If no caching is applied, no data is stored. If cache is enabled, data is only saved for the predetermined time to allow your cache to function properly.

You can read more about Zuznow caching logic here.

What happens to my web application's SEO on mobile?

The Zuznow platform uses the existing web application SEO. In order to prevent duplicate content, Zuznow follows Google’s guidelines and make sure your adapted pages include a rel=”canonical” tag pointing back to the exact same page in the desktop website. This tag makes sure that web crawlers will not identify the mobile adapted website as a duplicate of the desktop website.

Is the Zuznow platform PCI compliant?

Yes. The Zuznow platform acts as a third-party-channel, and is therefore PCI compliant as long as the original web application is PCI compliant.

Technical Questions
Do I need to provide you with an API?

No. The Zuznow platform is external to the original website and works solely on the HTML results sent to the mobile surfer, in real time. No API is required and there is no interface with the original website code, or with web traffic.

Are there tutorials on how to use the platform?

Yes, absolutely. Zuznow’s dashboard includes an online self-training tutorial and full access to our online documentation.

Do you need access to my back-end web application code?

No. The Zuznow platform communicates only with the html result of the web page. We require no access to your backend and we don’t access your original code.

I already have native apps for iOS and Android. Is Zuznow still relevant for me?

Yes. Mobile traffic is increasing rapidly and is generated from different sources. We recommend checking your presence on all channels and platforms. Check your analytics to see how many people are reaching your web-application using their browser – this could help you to better understand your traffic map. Zuznow is good for B2C, B2B, B2E and legacy applications: we can help you mobilize other applications with market-leading speed!

What security measures does Zuznow use?

Zuznow preserves the security standards of the original enterprise application on all devices with no additional investment. All secured and encrypted information of the original website remains encrypted in the responsive mobile version and resides on the original website’s servers only.

In addition, Zuznow’s architecture ensures that the security solutions currently deployed for the enterprise’s systems can be leveraged to secure the mobile version, in order to guarantee a security level that is equal to that of the original website.

Zuznow’s infrastructure is not visible to the “external world” and all API calls and data remain inside the enterprise’s network.

I have a very complex web application I need to mobilize. Can the Zuznow platform handle it?

Zuznow specializes in large systems and complex back-end infrastructures. No matter how complex the design or functionality of the web application is, we ensure that nothing is lost when viewed multi-channel.

Can I deploy my project in the cloud?

Yes, absolutely! Zuznow platform is built to address the needs and requirements of enterprises. Accordingly, Zuznow offers both cloud-based and on-site deployment solutions. You can read more about Zuznow deployment options on our deployment page.

Can I deploy my project on-site?

Yes, absolutely. Zuznow understands that some companies have strict compliance standards that prohibit cloud-based options. Because of this, the Zuznow platform can be deployed on-site, at your location.

I have very complex business logic on my web application. Can Zuznow handle it?

Yes, absolutely. Zuznow works only on visual elements (css) and does not touch the content (html) or the functionality of a website (JS). Everything on the original web application will continue to work 1:1 on your multi-channel solution developed with the Zuznow platform.

Does the Zuznow platform run on the server side or on the client side?

On the web mobile app, in order to decrease latency and upload time, the Zuznow platform runs mostly server-side. However, if it’s needed, it is possible to add client-side functionality. When building the hybrid app, the native wrapper is running client-side as well.

What mobile OS's does the Zuznow platform support?

The Zuznow platform supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

How do you deal with latency and upload times?

In order to accelerate the adaptation process, Zuznow has developed three types of acceleration cache: Personalized adaptation acceleration cache, Anonymous adaptation acceleration cache and Combined Personalized and Anonymous adaptation acceleration cache. Read more about Zuznow’s Acceleration Option.

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