Tackle your mobile backlog with speed and scalability
not humanly possible

IT executives are facing a huge backlog of dozens or even hundreds of web applications waiting to be available on mobile. Because of limited resources, the demand for mobile apps is already 5 times larger than the IT’s capacity to deliver and the demand is expected to grow over the next few years.


To tackle this problem, and help IT executives lead the company’s technology strategy, Zuznow developed the first automatic rapid development platform to deliver enterprise mobility with speed and scalability not humanly possible. Understanding that manual traditional development is the main cause for today’s IT major concern, Zuznow developed advanced AI engines, that automate up to 90% of the mobilization process, offering fast time-to-market, maximum coverage, and unprecedented functionality.

Here’s how it works

Combining the power of automation and customization, to enable speed, scalability and uncompromising results.  Using proprietary AI capabilities, the platform adapts, prioritizes and optimizes the layout of any web application, for all mobile channels and devices in real time and on-the-fly.


To reduce manual development constraints, we use an AI-based engine to automatically convert every existing web page to all screen sizes and devices. With no human intervention and no need for backend intrusion or APIs, the automatic engine automatically analyzes visual patterns and re-lays out even the most complex web application for all mobile devices and channels.


A full-featured customization dashboard, empowering web developers to enhance UI and UX, and add native functionalities. With an extensive SDK and advanced native plugins, front-end developers easily add new content and functionality such as push notifications, Touch-ID, in-app purchases and more, keeping up with the latest trends in the market and the business demand.


One of the greatest challenges of having an omni-channel presence is maintaining it. Keeping current with your web application and ensuring you comply with all the new trends and regulations can be overwhelming.


The Zuznow platform is continuously and automatically adapting and converting your web application with no additional effort. Whether adding new business logic, new pages and functionality or even an additional authentication layer, the Zuznow platform keeps you up-to-date, with no human intervention.