Seamlessly implement your entire mobile
strategy with the Zuznow platform

Creates Apps in Minutes

Creating native apps doesn’t need to be laborious or painful. Zuznow’s full-featured customization dashboard enables web developers to create premium mobile apps. No mobile development is required, and the customization process is purely web-based. Zuznow takes you from low-code to no-code with point and click visual editor. Click on the element you would like to remove or change and instantly see changes on the in-dashboard simulator. The Zuznow dashboard walks you through the process and automates all the hard work, allowing you to create omni-channel apps for Android and iOS in minutes—instead of months.


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Here’s how it works

Eliminates Browser Compatibility Issues

The recent announcements from Microsoft® ending support for Internet Explorer only intensifies an issue enterprises have had for years; the incompatibility of web applications and the browsers on which they run.  The problem of browser compatibility is two-fold; on the one hand we have the need to support newly developed applications on old browsers; on the other hand, we now need to support legacy applications on new browsers.

The Zuznow platform resolves this incapability by enabling organizations to convert the user interfaces the same way we convert web applications; by simply running their web applications through the platform. Enterprises can now deliver modern user experiences to their users and never have to worry about compatibility issues again.


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Insights at-a-glance

Zuznow reporting capabilities include a graphical dashboard that provides real-time information on data critical to making mobile business decisions. Be able to see more than just how much traffic your apps are getting.  You can now get real-time information on the types of devices, brands of devices, even device models, operating systems and use by mobile web and mobile app.

With these insights, you can more confidently make decisions about your omni-channel strategy, knowing you are best serving your customers and employees.

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

The Zuznow platform is the only automatic Front-End as A Service (FAAS) built around a proprietary “Visual Approach” that uses a design-based universal code to adapt, prioritize and optimize the layout of any web application, for any mobile channel, in real time and on-the-fly.

The Zuznow platform is comprised of two engines that bring together the highest level of automation with full freedom for customization. The Zuznow platform covers the full range of enterprise mobile needs incl. B2B, B2C, & B2E applications, while assuring compliance on all channels and devices. To support full life-cycle omni-channel development, the Zuznow platform can be deployed in all relevant environments, including Dev, QA and Production.

Automatic Responsive Layer for Instant Mobility

The first layer of Zuznow’s platform (also called the automatic responsive layer) uses advanced proprietary algorithms that are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an advanced Expert System. The two algorithms automatically identify, prioritize and re-layout complex visual patterns of any web application for all mobile devices and channels. The Zuznow automatic responsive engine successfully adapts even the most complex applications to any mobile channel or device, while maintaining a high-quality user experience (UX) for all users. The responsive engine requires no intrusion to your backend and no coding.

Adaptive Layer for Easy App Customization

The second layer of Zuznow’s platform (also called the advanced adaptive layer), allows for fast, quick and easy customization of the automatic responsive result for leveraged tailor-made mobile apps. It’s managed through a user-friendly, full-featured customization dashboard that uses standard web-programming languages including JavaScript, jQuery and HTML, making it accessible to any web developer. Easily add new content and functionality to your mobile apps including advanced native features such as push notifications, Touch-ID authentication, in-app purchases and more. The advanced adaptive layer allows you to leverage the automatic result to create premium cross device, cross channel mobile apps in no time.

You’re mobile ready!

Now that you’ve created your omni-channel solution for mobile web, mobile apps, smartphones and tablets, all directly from the Zuznow platform, you’re mobile ready! Any changes made to your desktop web application will be automatically reflected on your mobile apps, with no additional effort. Since mobility is an on-going and continuous process, the Zuznow platform can be deployed in all relevant environments, including Dev, QA and Production, to support your full life-cycle omni-channel development.

Now sit back and enjoy increased consumer engagement from your mobile strategy.

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