Municipal Government


If you are a large city or a small city you can become a smart city

We have been hearing a lot about “smart cities” over the past couple of years. The reality for most cities is that becoming “smart” is a great but possibly unattainable goal.


The ultimate objective of building a smart city is to the improve quality of life for the citizens by using technology. It should allow city officials to interact directly with the community, the city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city. An integral part of the initiative is communication, providing citizens with information and tools they need to make living in your city and take advantage of the services you provide more easily. There are a few changes and improvements that every municipality can implement in order to better interact with the community and improve its service. The most effective way to communicate is via mobile devices, they are our first-morning screen, with us at all times, and our main form of communication.


However, we understand the priority for an IT department that is focused on keeping the infrastructure humming with limited resources. We know you need to provide mobile experiences for your citizens but that it might all seem overwhelming. You need a solution that will;

  • easily and quickly get you started
  • decrease your time to market
  • minimize the cost
  • let you do it all with the people you have

How Zuznow Helps

With Zuznow you will provide an uncompromised mobile experience for your citizens, keeping them engaged and reducing paper and work for your employees. Using Zuznow rapid mobile development platform you can take your existing web applications and websites and create full mobile web and mobile app experiences for your citizens in as little as a few days and as long as a few weeks.


Using a proprietary technology based on AI, Zuznow manages to automate the entire process, reducing time to market and costs of mobile projects by more than 90%! No API is required, and the solution can run in the cloud or on-site.  Still not sure you can do it all yourself?  No worries, Zuznow provides on-boarding and full project services.


We now offer unique solutions for municipalities who are ready to go mobile. Municipalities that are not willing to compromise on the process or the result will find the Zuznow solution very appealing. Find out how you can take a step toward being a smart city.