quickly and easily Deliver a Premium, Custom Mobile Experience to your customers and employees

Amazing Mobile experience

Every web application needs to be available on mobile but not every web application needs to be an app. Consumer facing sites for which you want to provide a great mobile experience but still want to be found on the search engines. Leverage your website and web applications to provide an amazing mobile experience, taking advantage of device capabilities optimized for all devices.


Delivering a great mobile experience is more than just making the site responsive.  It is making sure that those pages and functions perform as well as they do on the web application and on every size mobile device.  With Zuznow your mobile web experience will be as good, if not better than your web application.

A premium mobile experience without ongoing maintenance

Zuznow uses advanced AI technology to automate 90% of the conversion process delivering a usable mobile web experience for multiple size devices in just minutes.  Web developers can use jQuery and CSS to customize the automatic result to deliver an uncompromising experience.


Because of the way it works, the Zuznow platform automatically, and in real-time keeps your mobile web experience current with the web application from which it was created. So, when you make changes and updates to your web application, they will automatically be reflected in your mobile app with no work from you.

Uncompromising quality

Let Zuznow empower your customers and employees no matter where they are, give them access to all of your web applications and more in the palm of their hands. Let your business be found by your customers and deliver an engaging  and pleasant experience to your partners.  Some of the hurdles we help you easily get over; display of charts, graphs, tables and images all render to the highest standards.


With the Zuznow platform, you can have your premium mobile web experience ready for your customers, employees, and partners quickly.  Most of our customers create and deliver their apps in less than four weeks and improve user engagement and adoption by 300%, reduce time-to-market by 90%, increase KPIs, while keeping pace with the latest technologies.