The Zuznow platform is built to address the needs and requirements of an enterprise’s development life-cycle, from the initial design process to full multi-layered deployment.

At Zuznow we understand that your company’s architecture policies and regulations are multifaceted and were tailor-made for your needs. Building your omni-channel presence with Zuznow assures you it’s done securely and to trusted standards. 

Choose the Cloud!

Cloud is one of the most growing trends in the world today, creating flexibility, seamless scalability and a new way to manage your data centers. The cloud version of the Zuznow platform provides access to ongoing platform upgrades, online professional maintenance, and easy monitoring.

Zuznow offers three cloud deployment options: multi-tenant, single-tenant, or hybrid solutions, all of which are done in highly secured environments.

Or Have it On-Site

For organizations that are obligated to follow specific security regulations, cloud deployment may not be a feasible option. Understanding these limitations, Zuznow offers on-site deployment at the clients’ premises. The on-site solution includes the same features of the cloud solutions, and upgrades are provided offline.

Regardless if you choose cloud or on-site deployment, the Zuznow platform can be deployed on all working environments to align to the company’s full life-cycle development.

Secure Platform

The Zuznow platform is a fully secured environment. It’s external to the original web application and works solely on the HTML results sent to the mobile user in real time. There are no API requirements and there is no interface with the original application code or web traffic. This structure assures that there will be no changes, modifications or implications on the original web application. All secured and encrypted information of the original web-application remains encrypted in the Zuznow platform and resides on the original web application’s servers only. The Zuznow infrastructure remains invisible to the “external world” so that all API calls and data are kept secured inside the enterprise’s network.

Aligned With Your Security Standards

Zuznow provides you with the best security to fit your needs: the security you are already using for your applications. In order to guarantee a security level that fits your standards and is equal to the security of the original web application, Zuznow’s architecture ensures that the security solutions currently deployed for the enterprise’s systems are leveraged to secure your cross-channel solutions, with no additional cost or configurations.