Build Premium Mobile Apps that engage your customers
faster than you ever thought possible

Here’s how it works

Premium – Engaging – Full Featured

The downloadable app offers a close connection to your customers and an easy-to-use interface by embedding valuable native features such as push notifications, in-app purchases, touch ID authentication and more. The reality is that their development is still highly expensive and can take too long! To build a great functioning app, that works on all channels and devices and that includes an advanced UI and UX, can take organizations too many developer years and millions of dollars!


Zuznow has unleashed the power of AI to speed the creation of apps and deliver speed and scalability not humanly possible.

Real-Time Updates – No double maintenance!

When using the Zuznow platform to create your mobile apps you not only add native functions in just one-click, you also eliminate  the need to constantly update your app.  Because of the way it works, the Zuznow platform automatically, and in real-time keeps your mobile app current with the website from which it was created. So, when you make changes and updates to your web application, they will automatically be reflected in your mobile app with no work from you.


Worried about extra wrappers or not actually owning your app?  No worries here!  Zuznow uses the open source Cordova wrapper and you own all of the apps you create using the Zuznow platform.

Uncompromising quality

Let Zuznow take you beyond a traditional app that provides only a small portion of what the web application includes to an uncompromising full featured app that will keep your customers, employees and partner engaged and connected.


With the Zuznow platform, you can have your premium app in the stores in a matter of weeks.  Most of our customers create and deliver their apps in as little as a couple of days or a few weeks and improve user engagement and adoption by 300%, reduce time-to-market by 90%, increase KPIs, while keeping pace with the latest technologies.