Case Study: Leading Insurance Company



The leading insurance and finance group serves 2 million private and corporate clients, works with 2,600 brokers and agents, and employs 3,900 people. The equity attributed to company shareholders is $1.3 billion. They also have and largest investment activity among insurance companies and includes a credit division, real estate, PE, real investments, and an innovative trading room. Due to major changes in regulations the IT team searched for a fast and comprehensive mobilization solution, that would assure omni-channel compatibility and fast time-to-market.

The Challenge

The insurance company’s digital presence is one of the most advanced. The company’s IT team invests much thought and resources to ease and improve the digital experience of the company’s customers. The company strives to develop its assets with expertly designed UI and UX. After developing mobile solutions and due to changes in mobile regulations for insurance companies, they were required to find a solution that could quickly and seamlessly provide 100% of the its web assets on all mobile devices and channels. Time to market, omni-channel compatibility and low maintenance costs were the deciding criteria for the IT managers to pick up the Zuznow’s platform for the task.

“the Zuznow platform enabled us to comply with state’s regulation, with best time-to-market, without compromising the company’s UI and UX”

VP Financial & General Insurance & Digital

The Solution

In 2015 the company started working with the Zuznow platform to create premium mobile solutions for its brand and account management application on all devices and channels. In only a few weeks and with one webdeveloper, the company launched both mobile-web apps successfully. The project included 100% of the original web applications, offering full functionality—on Smartphones and Tablets. The company continues to maintain and expand usage of the platform and has incorporated the platform as part of its development cycle, to assure the successful continuous development of its systems.  Zuznow’s secured platform has been installed on-site in their data center, making sure to comply with all security standards and requirements of the company.

The Result

In only a few weeks, and aligned with the new regulations, the company has successfully launched its web assets on all mobile devices and channels. Being able to fully cover all the existing information from the original desktop application on all mobile devices and channels, was their success point. Any other solution would have taken the company months (or years) to complete. On top of that, the Zuznow platform assures the IT team that over time every change being made to the original desktop application, is automatically reflected on all devices and channels—with no work on their side.