Eliminate Browser compatibility issues forever

To provide a full omni-channel presence, the Zuznow platform also helps in solving browser compatibility issues on desktop and laptops and enables UI and UX enhancements seamlessly with no need for systems upgrades, APIs or backend intrusion

Supporting all browsers

According to Gartner, most enterprises, although claiming to have one standard browser, are usually supporting many. Having said that, the most common browser found in the enterprise is still Internet Explorer.


The problem of browser compatibility is two-fold; on one hand, we have the need to support newly developed applications on old browsers; on the other hand, we now need to support legacy applications on new browsers. To address this challenge, enterprises will be faced with a long, manual, and frustrating process that could last years. Zuznow has found a better way.

Automatic support for browser-compatibility

Using our AI technology, we developed the first and only robo-developer to support bi-modal browser compatibility. Using the Zuznow’s Desktop-to-Desktop (D2D) extension, enterprises will be able to seamlessly assure;

  • Automatic future proofing; full compatibility for legacy systems (built for Internet Explorer), to modern browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Backward compatibility; full support for new applications built for modern browsers will also work on old Workstations with Internet Explorer and small screens
  • Easy and fast, small ad-hoc tweaks to fix compatibility issues caused by browsers’ rapid updates

Modernize the UI & UX of all your Existing Web applications

More than eliminating the browser compatibility challenge Zuznow allows you to provide an up-to-date user interface and a cutting edge user experience for all of your web applications. Now your employees will be more productive and your clients will become more engaged with a cohesive and intuitive experience across all of your web applications.

  • Quickly and easily update and roll-out a complete and cohesive experience across all web applications
  • Full UI and UX facelift with no upgrade requirements or changes to the original application

Fix it once – Fix it forever

Because of the way it works, the Zuznow platform automatically, and in real-time keeps all of your channels current with the web application from which they were created. So, when you make changes and updates to your web application, they will automatically be reflected in your mobile app with no work from you.


As browser versions are updated and technology changes, as it always does, Zuznow ensures all of your users can access and use the full functionality of all your web applications no matter which browser and which version they are using.  Don’ waste any more time, let Zuznow eliminate your browser compatibility issues forever.

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