Case Study: Bizportal

For more than three years, Bizportal has been using the Zuznow platform to deliver an onmi-channel experience to their users

allowing the company to have full ownership and flexibility of their mobile strategy


Bizportal operates some of Israel’s leading websites, including:, the leading community and blogs portal;, a professional financial portal;;;; and The company employs 250 professionals and has $30 million in annual revenue. Bizportal serves millions of users on a daily basis.


Bizportal has always stayed at the forefront of technology, and with the growing mobile usage of its clients, the company was looking for a solution to help its products and services reach those users. The solution had to have the shortest time-to-market and the lowest investment in development resources, while maintaining the company’s design and user experience standards.

The Challenge

Before working with the Zuznow platform, Bizportal explored and used alternative tools and development software to enable mobile surfing, from native coding, to adaptive layouts and re-writing of responsive design. ROI was very low, costs were too high (both at setup and maintenance phase), and ongoing maintenance demanded too much of the R&D team. Mobile continued to pose new challenges with the growing fragmentation of the device market and the need to react to such changes quickly. The company needed a solution that could provide short-term requirements but that would also be strategic and flexible for the future.

“The Zuznow platform proved to be the best solution for legacy and new websites, giving us full flexibility on our desktop development, while making sure our high standards remain on all mobile channels and devices –automatically!”

Gilad Globen, VP Technologies, Bizportal

The Solution

In 2013 Bizportal started working with the Zuznow platform on one of its main web-portals: Bizportal, the Israeli Bloomberg. Bizportal is a multi-faceted finance portal that includes real-time stock-exchange information, high-level industry reports and articles, as well as sophisticated tools for market analysis and comparison. The portal offers a personal login area for real-time management of one’s stock-exchange portfolio. The project included 100% of the original web applications, offering full coverage on mobile for all of the desktop offerings. Following the success of the first project, Bizportal expanded its activity with Zuznow, using it for four more portals, and for mobile-web as well as mobile apps. In only few weeks, all of Bizportal’s web assets were mobile optimized for all channels and devices.

The Result

For more than three years, Bizportal’s own web developers have used the Zuznow platform, allowing the company to have full ownership and flexibility of their mobile strategy.  After trying other solutions in the market, the Zuznow platform offered Bizportal the best way to keep its high quality and design standards, while saving more than 90% in development costs, time-to-market, and personnel involvement. User engagement on mobile grew by 80 %, and mobile usage grew by more than 60%. According to Gilad Globen, the company’s CTO, the Zuznow platform

has proven to be the best solution not only for existing websites and applications, but for newly developed ones, as it gives us the full flexibility to create the best desktop presence – knowing the Zuznow platform would have no problem automatically creating the best mobile UI and UX in nearly no-time”.