Case Study: Israel Discount Bank

Israel Discount Bank chose Zuznow to Build Smart & Sustainable Multi-Channel Strategy.

They Saved more than 90% in Costs & Time-To-Market


Israel Discount Bank Ltd is one of Israel’s three largest banks, with 260 branches, and assets of $50 billion. With the growing and expanding mobile usage worldwide, and in Israel specifically, the Bank’s business and IT teams were looking for a long-term and sustainable solution for their mobile strategy. The solution had to have the best ROI and shortest time-to-market, and must maintain the design and user experience of the bank’s original web applications.

The Challenge

For more than a decade, the bank had invested countless resources to deliver state of the art online banking experience for its PC users. To provide the same experience on mobile, the bank would have had to invest just as much (if not double) the man-hours, financial resources and time.  Mobile also posed new challenges, including security, and the need for a tool that could align with the bank’s multi-channel approach, be cost effective and provide the best time to market.

We were the first banking system to provide its customers with the best, most comprehensive mobile solution – in literally no time!

Ido Almany, Head of Digital, Israel Discount Bank 

The Solution

In 2013 the bank decided to use the Zuznow platform for all of its web-based online offering. This included the bank’s brand applications as well as all 300 online-banking actions were mobilized using the Zuznow platform in less than 6 weeks. this was accomplished by one web-developer, who had no prior understanding of the Bank’s complex systems or business logic. More than 500 pages were mobile optimized for all of the Bank’s users. The project included 100% of the original web applications, offering full coverage for the Bank’s customers – on Smartphones and Tablets. In 2015 the Bank added two hybrid apps (iOS and Android) for its business community using the Zuznow Platform. It took only 4 weeks to create and launch of the apps again using only one web-developer, with no prior experience with the bank’s systems.

The Result

The Zuznow platform enabled the bank to have a premium mobile presence in less than 4 weeks, saving more than 90% in development costs, time to market and personnel involvement. The Bank’s apps are used on both smartphones and tablet, and have proved their ROI very quickly. Within 6 months, user engagement on the mobile web-app grew by 300%, and in less than 1 year the number of mobile users grew by more than 25%. Zuznow platform has also provided the best long term ROI, with every upgrade and facelift the Bank has done for its web applications, they invested less than 10% of the original effort to update the mobile channels and devices.