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What started out as an ongoing joke with many of our enterprise clients, turned out to be a real pain for IT executives. It always came when a project was completed and the client would send an email, or call to compliment us on how great our platform is for mobile-omni-channel compatibility then adding something like: “I wish you could do the same for desktops…” For a long time, we didn’t pay attention to this remark, but when we finally stopped to ask what they really meant, we couldn’t understand how WE didn’t realize it sooner…

If you google “why open source is good” you will end up staring at a long list of articles offering 5, 7, 10, 20 reasons why open source is good for your business. What started as side-kick projects of passionate developers turned out to become the backbone of the tech industry, and enterprises didn’t hesitate to adopt.

The mobility world has experienced many battles between different paradigms and philosophies about almost everything. One of those bloody battles is the battle of Native vs. Hybrid. While each has its own fans and supporters, mobility became the reason for developers’ polarity. But does it really have to be this way?

The more I read and discuss with my colleagues and clients about software development processes, the more the word “AGILE” is repeated and brought up around the table. As a start-up product company we endorsed agile development long ago; and slowly we see that even large organizations, that fall under massive regulation and immense bureaucratic procedures, are moving toward agile development – in many cases, starting their mobile projects.