Making Wearables Great Again!

Making Wearables Great Again!

In 2013 Google Glass burst onto the scene with an attention-grabbing ad and a ton of press speculating about whether it would change the way we integrate technology into our lives forever, or if it had majorly missed the mark and would sink before it even hit the market. So far it has seemed like the doomsday predictions about wearables have come true. Google stopped producing the Google Glass in 2015, Pebble which had created a ton of buzz around smart-watches has been bought by FitBit for a pittance, and aside from Apple Watches and fitness wearables there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for wearable tech in society today.

Wearables in Tech. Sad?

However, cries that “wearables are dead” may well be premature! Just because something hasn’t been done well yet, doesn’t mean the whole concept should be scrapped. At Zuznow, we’re passionate about taking challenges just like this one and creating simple solutions that work for the business and the consumer alike. As Business Insider recently pointed out, smartwatches and other wearable tech has been floundering and has mostly been taken up by tech geeks who enjoy wearables for what they are and fitness buffs who make use of the technology’s motion sensor capabilities. However, we believe that the problem isn’t that wearable sales are slumping, the problem is when we try to make wearables something they are not instead of appreciating what they have the potential to be – a simpler way to address immediate needs. If wearable tech became simple and helpful, instead of just a techie status symbol, then they would have the potential to become an indispensable part of the modern wardrobe and tech arsenal. Too many developers try to cram all of the functionality of a smartphone or computer into a watch app, overcomplicating things to the point that they become useless. On the other side, companies also ignore the potential of wearable solutions and end up creating apps that provide no value to the user.

Zuznow Brings Wearables Back from the Dead

So, how do we get wearables to come back from the grave? The answer is clear: using wearables needs to be intuitive and require next-to-no effort from the user while contributing to their quality of life. Zuznow is all about making it easy for you to integrate the latest technological solutions into your business’ overall digital strategy. Our new wearable solution allows you to tap into this growing trend’s potential. One of the main ways that we’ve done this is by adapting our highly responsive AI assistant, Susie, into an easy to implement wearable app template which can be easily customized for your needs.


Our solution makes it easy for developers to capitalize on wearables’ capabilities without the risk of being distracted by overloading the tech with useless features. With our solution, you can easily create an app that allows users to shoot off a simple message, complete straightforward tasks, and access basic information from their smartphone. Whether they want to see when their next appointment is, send a message to their bank or cellphone company asking for assistance, or use Susie to manage their day – Zuznow lets them get it done.

If apps can’t be smoothly accessed from wearables, then the technology will never grow in popularity. Our solution is to make creating useful wearable-ready apps as easy as possible for companies. The Zuznow wearables solution is making artificial intelligence smart again.