Top Five Challenges for Banking Apps and How to Overcome Them

Top Five Challenges for Banking Apps and How to Overcome Them

According to a research study fielded by the Digital Banking Report, a majority of banks, 70% in fact, say that improving the customer experience is a top strategic priority for 2017, and there is no doubt that a good chunk of the resources devoted to achieving that goal will go towards mobile. Before your bank or financial institution releases a “hot” new app for the New Year though, take a moment to consider these five unique challenges that banks face and how Zuznow can help you overcome them.

  1. Staying one step ahead on security

One of the banking industry’s original approaches to improving customer security was to create multi-layered password systems. On a mobile device, though, entering so much information can border on torture. Go beyond the traditional model and begin incorporating non-password-based authentication processes. Zuznow has extensive experience working with financial institutions to implement creative security protocols, including TouchID tech.

  1. Reducing production time

Your customers are complaining about your mobile offerings, so you need an app, and fast. At Zuznow our entire concept is built upon our unique ability to automate the app development process without sacrificing quality or security. Our non-API solution uses AI technology to reduce both cost and time by up to 90%.

  1. Providing an excellent cross-platform digital experience

A key component of digital banking is ease of movement across platforms. Zuznow takes a strategic approach to improving the user experience by creating an intuitive omni-channel service which makes it simple and seamless for customers to move between mobile and desktop platforms.


  1. Complying with regulations

Your customers’ safety is important to you, and it’s important to us too. Regulations don’t usually change, but when they do you need to be able to respond rapidly both for your institution’s well-being and for your customers’ security. Zuznow’s platform is completely compliant with the regulatory bodies that you answer to and our deployment technology allows for immediate implementation of new regulations. In fact, translating the current security protocols that you have built into your website is an integral feature of Zuznow’s technology.  Furthermore, because a Zuznow app is an external entity with its own built-in security, we don’t touch your back-end data or code, so whatever you’ve already secured stays secure.

  1. Keeping tech up to date

Half of the battle of providing a top-notch digital banking experience is simply keeping up with the trends. This means that updating your app should be easy. This is why we offer a completely customizable dashboard that can be managed totally in-house. Prefer to keep everything in the cloud? We can do that too all with a high level of security protecting your data and property. Adding native features to Zuznow apps is as easy as a single click.

Apps that make it easy for people to manage their finances have already become an indispensable part of our lifestyle – from budgeting apps to banking apps, people appreciate being able to access their finances wherever they go. Zuznow makes it easy to create an innovative app without worry.