How Nadia Comaneci, an Olympic hero, taught me to never compromise

How Nadia Comaneci, an Olympic hero, taught me to never compromise

As a kid, I took gymnastics lessons. I was barely able to do a cartwheel, but I was watching the movie on the life of Nadia Comaneci over and over.  As I watched I imagined myself on that big red carpet – with a perfect 10.00 score and a gold medal.

As I grew, my focus shifted to more intellectual than physical pursuits… but Nadia’s strength, passion, excellence and uncompromising approach still stays with me today.

It is in whatever I do, say, plan and hope for. Yes, I hate compromising, especially when I know that there is no reason to do so. Growing up we were told too often that we need to compromise, and then too often we forgot what we wanted to achieve in the first place…

Building the Zuznow platform we believed that our clients are not people who compromise. And why should they? They are leaders in their markets, they are serving hundreds of thousands of people daily, and in most cases, they have the best resources to achieve excellence. So why do they compromise?

I believe that large organizations who are trying to tackle the ever-growing-mobile-enigma often tend to forget where they started, and what were their goals when they first set out on this journey. Building an organization’s mobile strategy – and implementing it (!!) can become a hassle and lead to immense frustrations, and as you can probably already imagine – huge compromises. As humans we are born with the desire to aim high – so why let compromising technologies change that in us?

Belonging to the “uncompromising” group of people, my colleagues and I have made sure from the beginning that our product development and evolution would guarantee that our clients will never have to compromise. I find myself too often encouraging new clients to set their compromising attitude free, and to truly believe that using our technology they can dream big and achieve their original goals. It is thereafter their uncompromising attitude that continues to improve our product.

Nadia Comaneci didn’t give up and didn’t compromise. Not compromising was not just something she kept on the exercise mat – it went well beyond her gymnastics achievement. It’s a state of mind – and once you’ve got it in you – even the sky is not a limit.