Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps – Why not both?

Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps – Why not both?

Over the past week or so I have read a couple of articles talking about the value of mobile web over mobile apps.  There were some valid points made in all of the articles

  • Initial effort, time and cost for most companies to build a mobile app
  • Ongoing maintenance when there are OS software updates
  • when updates are needed, it’s only one platform that gets updated
  • people searching for you, will find your mobile web site


All of these are really good points but mobile apps have their place as well,

  • App-only functionality like touch ID and push notifications
  • A more customized experience for the users
  • Availability in the app stores
  • Fulfilling consumer expectations


Who says you have to choose?

Both have their place and serve different purposes throughout the customer lifecycle.  Think of mobile web as having the most value at the beginning of the customer journey, providing an easily findable modern experience that reinforces your brand and engages the user.  While the app enables a closer relationship with those who have invested in you. The app provides a more personal experience that allows deeper interaction with your brand building loyalty. Most companies will benefit from having both.

With Zuznow you don’t have to choose.  Our clients have easily built mobile web and mobile apps experiences for their customers and delivered both in just weeks, using only their web development teams; no mobile app development needed.  Plus, both mobile web and apps are automatically updated as you make changes to your web site, no Store updates needed.  So before you decide on mobile web or mobile apps, think about how easy it would be to have both.