Enterprise Mobility Meetup on Security focuses on – Is BYOD working?

Enterprise Mobility Meetup on Security focuses on – Is BYOD working?

We recently hosted another Enterprise Mobility Meetup here in NYC.  The topic for this Meetup was mobile security.  Our guest panelists were Brian Katz – Director, EUC Mobility Strategy, Office of the CTO at VMware and Mark Stutzman – CEO, Appmobi, and they were great.  The evening started with lots of networking along with pizza and beer brought in by our gracious hosts Paul Burt and Yotam Sharan at Friends of eBay.

As our panel discussion began, we talked about how the security for mobile devices differs from security for the rest of the enterprise and the conversation took off from there.  The lively back forth between the panelists and the audience went well beyond our expectations.  Topics covered included; approaching security from different angles, the use of MDM and MAM, and how we should be thinking about security from the app level up and more.  Other hot topics included how to build security into apps and development frameworks along with the latest on Appconfig.

There was one question asked around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that started a whole new line of conversation. The concept of BYOD was supposed to have been a cost savings measure. It put the cost of the device and service on the employee and the company would provide access to the corporate network and applications needed to do their jobs.  This of course increased security risks and costs as organization have to support every version of every mobile OS walking in the door.

The conversation focused how the people in the room saw that BYOD had actually failed.  More and more are companies no longer supporting or implementing BYOD.  The problems were not really around security but costs.  There were many employees that did not need access to corporate networks and applications outside of the office.  But, because of the policy, they were being supported and at the end of the day there were not only more security vulnerabilities but escalating costs.  Our panelists and attendees have seen that many companies have moved or are moving to COPE (Company Owned Personal Enabled).

COPE brings together the best of both worlds. Employees that need access to corporate networks and applications outside the office and off hours; such as sales people, would be given the devices they need to do their jobs.  These devices have all the security the company requires and the employees have them for personal use.  It is a win-win, reduced workload and vulnerabilities for the company and the employee has a single device. Do you agree?  What is your company doing?  We’d love to hear from you.

If you are in NYC we would love to have you join us at the next Meetup as mobile enthusiasts and experts come together to discuss the issues we all face.