Building an app should be simple. So why is it killing us?

Building an app should be simple. So why is it killing us?

Over the past few years I’ve heard just about every possible reason why companies must have a mobile presence; and probably every excuse why they shouldn’t.

From a strategic point of view; it is the uncertainty of the market, its fragmentation and the unclear ROI of mobile projects, that derive these hesitant notions. But those feelings are also based on actual experience of developers and executives, and on the understanding that even in the short term, mobile projects are extremely complicated and painful, especially if you are an enterprise.

Making it easier – Automation and Simplification

Our company’s vision is to thrive for optimized utilization of automation in order to improve and ease businesses’ and consumers’ lives. To what extent ? As far as we can take it—to where software will build software—in a fully automated process.

Our vision is turning into reality, as our AI robo-developer is already helping our customers to build software automatically.

However, as humans, we still require a certain level of control over some of the processes. On the one hand, we would like to have the ability to change and improve the automatically generated result; on the other, we don’t want such processes to effect our speed of reaction, or our ability to be agile.

Building Apps with 3 clicks – It’s that Simple

To address this, we had we built a full-featured customization dashboard to enable web developers to create premium mobile apps. No mobile development is required, and the customization process is purely web-based. We did receive some great feedback from our clients on the native app feature, but their rating for “ease of use” compared to customization of the responsive mobile-web version, was a bit lower…

Not satisfied with delivering a less than stellar experience for our customers, we went back to work, and our new RedFox Version 3 has a completely new UI and UX for our app builder. With a simple 3-step configuration wizard – customers can now automatically generate an APK file to upload to the Google Play, or an IPA file to upload to the AppStore.

Here is a peek at how it works:


Zuznow dashboard 1 choose your OS

Choose the OS for which you wish to build the app


Zuznow dashboard 2 name your app

Application name and ID are pre-configured, but can be easily changed


Zuznow dashboard 2 choose native features

Point and click to choose the native features you want to include


Zuznow dashboard 4 choose your splash screen

Choose your icon, splash screen and any other media you want to add


Zuznow dashboard 5 app is ready

That’s it – your app is ready to upload to the respective Store