Why is open source so important for your mobile strategy?

Why is open source so important for your mobile strategy?

If you google “why open source is good” you will end up staring at a long list of articles offering 5, 7, 10, 20 reasons why open source is good for your business. What started as side-kick projects of passionate developers turned out to become the backbone of the tech industry, and enterprises didn’t hesitate to adopt. However, to avoid adding just another blog post on this topic, I will try to shed some light on why mobility development shouldn’t prevent enterprises from adhering to the same principles, and why IT executives must make sure it doesn’t.

The mobile application development market is a highly dynamic market, and often many of us can’t keep up with the pace of new technologies, features, security requirements, and behavioral changes it presents.  Using an open source stack assures the organization that it will be constantly up-to-date with all the latest trends and needs, using the vast open source eco-system.

Mobility itself requires a combination of several technology layers to provide frontend, backend, security, and additional supportive layers.

Choosing mobile technologies that are based on open source and open standards will not only make the connection between them easy, but will ultimately simplify their integration process into your existing infrastructure. Such extensible and interoperable platforms will assure their seamless incorporation to the company’s databases or webservers.

For server side components, it is recommended to ensure that the company will be able to continue using its preferred stack; whether LAMP or Windows/IIS/SQL Server – the platform you choose for mobility projects shouldn’t change your basic IT foundations.

The client side components can be powered by one of the popular mobile application development platforms (such as the Apache Cordova platform). The added value of such platforms is that they are based on a dynamic ecosystem of growing solutions, that offer the latest and coolest features for building cutting edge mobile apps, with almost no additional effort.

As mobility becomes part of our integrated Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and we want to make sure it can connect, react, and communicate with other technologies, open-source and open-standards based platforms are proving to be the most recommended option among IT executives.


*The Zuznow platform is the only automatic mobile application development platform for the enterprise. The platform is based on open source technologies and standards. The Zuznow platform can be easily integrated with existing enterprise infrastructure, including web servers and databases.