Zuznow: Now an IBM Business Partner!

Zuznow: Now an IBM Business Partner!

Zuznow has entered into a partnership agreement with IBM that will serve to provide their clients with premium mobile web automation, alongside advanced backend services SDK. Embracing a vision and mission to provide a one-stop-shop solution for enterprises, Zuznow has introduced the new “Platinum Package” that integrates IBM’s Mobile-First technology into its own platform.

Zuznow - MobileFirst
In addition to Zuznow’s original automatic mobile adaptation platform which empowers enterprises to transform their entire business into mobile – including B2C, B2E, B2B and legacy applications – we are thrilled to provide extra backend services that canvass the fields of security, analytics, native development and push notifications.
Securing your Mobile Channel at the User, Application and Device levels Security is a clear priority for organizations and the new Zuznow Platinum package comprises additional security measures for consumer and backend apps, including:

  • An open user- authentication framework to integrate mobile apps with existing enterprise or third-party security systems;
  • A basic authentication approach that employs a username and password/more complex authentication approach;
  • Off-line authentication, single sign on (SSO) capabilities for multiple mobile apps, facilitating participation in a globally authenticated session.

Unified Push Notifications and SMS

Enjoy a unified API to send push notifications and SMS from the server to mobile apps. Send broadcast notifications to all devices and target messages to a specific set of users, a specific device or a specific user. This API may also be integrated with ops analytics.

Operational Analytics for User Insights

Enjoy an advanced operational analytics platform that automatically assembles and analyzes user-adoption, device and app properties, user actions and back-end calls, JSONStore and back-end calls performance, usage information, exceptions, crashes, logs and response time. Search  logs and events gathered from devices, apps and servers, and decipher patterns, problems and platform-usage insights.

Enjoy the best solution for your enterprises’ mobility strategy today!