Gartner lists Zuznow as 1 of 10 leading mobile web adaption platform companies

Gartner lists Zuznow as 1 of 10 leading mobile web adaption platform companies

Zuznow was listed on Gartner ‘s Market Guide on Mobile Web Adaptation Platforms, as one of the 10 established vendors in the field.*
In addition to sighting representative vendors, Gartner’s guide includes overall key findings and recommendations, market description and future market trends.
If Gartner can talk about Zuznow, mobile adaptation and today’s available solutions, so can we.

What’s Mobile Web Adaptation Platform?

Mobile web adaptation platforms take existing sites and adapt them to mobile. This creates a better user interface and a better overall experience of the original website on mobile. These platforms existed during the days  of “feature phones”, but in today’s “Smartphone Era”, these platforms are used for  more than just for displaying content, they are used for  improved usability as well as user experience.

 Why do enterprises struggle to go mobile?

Enterprises maintain between 500-4,000 applications on average. Yet according to Helix Mobile (2013), although 78% of enterprises have a mobile strategy for converting their web applications to mobile, only 14% (!) are actually using mobile solutions to transform their business processes and benefit from growing revenues and new income streams.

Current solutions offer no automation and demand manual development “from scratch“. But manual solutions are not feasible for the short or long-term and are incapable of providing sustainable mobilization of an entire business.

And so many organizations just “give up” on fully mobilizing their businesses and simply minimize their efforts and investments on the growing need for mobile capacity.

So what makes Zuznow unique in the mobile adaptation market?

Put simply, its Zuznow’s automatic responsive engine that solves every enterprise challenge by transforming hundreds and thousands of web-based applications to mobile.

Zuznow Mobile Web adaptation platform takes existing web applications including B2C, B2B, B2E as well as legacy (not sites alone), and automatically adapts them to mobile – – either as mobile web-apps or downloadable apps.

Zuznow specializes in large systems and complex back-end infrastructures. The platform combines the highest level of automation with a full-featured customization dashboard, requiring no code re-writing or back-end APIs.

Moreover with Zuznow’s platform, enterprises overcome the three main obstacles to going mobile: scope, complexity and cost.

To sum it up, Zuznow is the only automatic platform to serve as a one-stop-shop for enterprise comprehensive mobile strategy, helping large institutions fully mobilize their business without struggling or compromising on results – using a single, yet extraordinary tool.

The full market guide can be downloaded from Gartner’s website