Is your business ready for Smart-TV?

Is your business ready for Smart-TV?

Connected TV – whether Smart TVs with built-in WIFI connections or traditional TVs hooked up to game consoles or set-top boxes – are creating a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. As shown in the graph on the right, Digital TV Research predicts that by 2018 close to 800 million televisions will be connected, with about half that number already connected today. Although analysts may disagree as to when exactly the inflection point will be reached when on-demand streaming content will overtake traditional programmed content, there is a clear consensus that the inflection point is immanent.graph

Multi-channel browsing is here!

Americans spend, on average, four hours a day in front of their TVs and they are using their connected TVs for a lot more than just watching on-demand content. A Nielsen survey conducted in August 2013 showed that, at least once a week, 60% of the respondents were browsing the internet, 34% were connecting to social networks, and 31% were using dedicated Smart TV apps.[1] With TV representing the world’s largest advertising market (~$350 billion per year), retailers and brands around the globe are scrambling to embrace the connected TV as an integral part of their multi-channel online marketing strategies.

Does multi-channel equals multi problems?

However, the connected TV ecosystem currently suffers from a multiplicity of deployment platforms, some open (such as Chromecast, LG and Roku) and some closed (such as Samsung and Apple) [2]. It is a classic cross-platform nightmare for online multi-channel content developers. Once again, however, Zuznow’s automatic and responsive MADP for enterprise web-based applications comes to the rescue. Zuznow provides a cost-effective and simple-to-deploy multi-channel solution that knows how to deal with the special challenges of connected TVs.

Learn how Zuznow can ease your multi-channel mobile strategy!

The SmartTV market is a huge opportunity; still there are no clear standards, and leaders in the market. With this in mind Zuznow offers a cross platform solution, certified for all market leader, that offers a quick and easy solution to adapt your current content and applications for SmartTV users. Learn how you can easily be compatible for Smart TV with Zuznow. 



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