It’s time for hybrid!

It’s time for hybrid!

With businesses moving online in order to conduct their day-to-day operations, mobile presence becomes more and more crucial for their success.  In today’s market it’s important for businesses to stand apart from their competition and utilize tools that encourage growth and forward cross-device-multi-channel mobility.

With this in mind, it seems like hybrid apps turn to be the most popular solution among medium and large enterprises.

But what is a hybrid app, and what are its advantages?

A hybrid app is a combination of native and web apps.  The hybrid app enjoys both the web-browser multi-channel easy development and maintenance process, as well as the more dedicated layout and features of native apps, such as push notification –  a highly valued marketing tool for every business.

Compared to native apps, hybrid apps offer great advantages for medium-large businesses. While native apps must be coded separately for every OS (and in many times also for different versions of the same OS), a hybrid apps, which rely on the browser HTML solution, is much more flexible and enables the support of full range of OS – across all devices – with minimum efforts. Hybrid apps can promoted through the App store and Google Play, can receive push notifications for best user-interaction, and can include all “native” features per operating system.

What’s the best case to use a Hybrid App?

Hybrid apps are relevant for B2C (consumer apps), B2B (business2business apps) as well as B2E (business2employee) purposes. When it comes to B2C, we see that many native apps are only available on certain platforms and this limits every business’ mobile exposure and growth. Hybrid apps on the other hand bring the greatest advantage of being multi-channel & multi-device compatible.  These advantages are relevant also for B2B and B2E hybrid apps, while the latter also enjoy the security and management tools that characterize native apps.

To sum it up, it’s getting more and clearer that hybrid apps are the way of the future and many businesses are already making the transition.

If you’re a business looking to start using hybrid apps, we welcome you to do it with Zuznow. Zuznow’s platform allows you to build, customize, and manage your hybrid apps from Zuznow dashboard. Check out this step-by-step-instruction for building your mobile app.