More Smartphones than Electricity Users?

More Smartphones than Electricity Users?

Whether true or false is not really relevant – mobile is growing rapidly but many websites are left behind. Why is that? How does if affect websites, and how does Zuznow help you solve this problem?

Here is Some Raw Data:
In 2011 – 500 million smartphones were sold worldwide; By 2015 number of smartphones to be sold is to 1 billion; By 2015 Smartphones and tablet will increase mobile web traffic by x 26; By 2103 more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs; More than 60% of mobile Internet users in the U.S. get their content through a mobile-browser.

But Here is the Really Interesting Data $$$…

In 2010 US mobile advertising revenues; $1.3 billion; Europe: $250million; Asia: $1.5 billion;
by 2015 Mobile Advertising Industry to Reach $24 Billion
Mobile commerce in the US will increase from $7 billion in 2011 to $35billion in 2015

So Why Miss all That?
Apparently most websites – and probably also yours – are left unadapt since available solutions are expenses and limited; from building an expensive dedicated application/ mobile app to compromising on a mini-site/ a do-it-yourself version of one’s desktop – website, websites are unreachable on Mobile!
But what if you didn’t have to compromise on your mobile site and mobilize it just the way you want it? What if you didn’t even have to pay so much money to get it?

Mobilize with Zuznow! Increase Monetization!
Zuznow has developed a unique algorithm that provides all websites with a 100% solution for mobile: 100% of a website; 100% of traffic; 100% dynamic and on-the-fly. Keeping this great look and feel of your website, while combining it with unique mobile UX, Zuznow provides you with a premium A-Z solution in prices you will not believe! Before you’d notice, mobilizing with Zuznow will be immediately translated into higher mobile interaction –> higher CPM –> higher conversion!

And that’s the bottom line: MAXIMIZED MONETIZATION!

Start doing it today! Mobilize with Zuznow!