Are you a Bear or a Bird?!

Are you a Bear or a Bird?!

Functionality Vs. User Interface

Are you familiar with the story of the bear that even after being set free, kept walking in circles day and night, as if he was still captured in that cruel round cage? Sad story indeed, especially when it happens to animals-or even humans…

Almost every “what should my mobile adapted site look like” discussion narrows down into two options: “functionality”-based-layout vs. Full UI-based-layout. Functionality-based-layout is the old fashioned conservative choice, which usually means compressing the website to its most basic features while providing visitors with what we think they need when surfing via mobile, instead of the desktop. UI-based-layout means providing the visitors with the familiar look and feel on their mobile device.

Needless to say that we at Zuznow promote and encourage our customers to deliver their mobile visitors the best mobile experience. Enabling the customers to “feel at home” on mobile, providing them with the information they require, regardless of whether they are at home browsing from their desktop or on the train using their iPhone, decrease the website’s bounce rate, increase website monetization from ads and online-purchasing and keeps your customers close to you.

The choice is yours – are you a bear or a bird?!

For the birds of you – try our mobilizer and show real presence on the mobile-web!