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Backend as a Services

Behind every software application is a comprehensive series of backend services intended to support the front end you see and use each day. The amount of work involved in creating this backend technology is never a simple task, and many organizations are choosing to save themselves the time and money of redeveloping the wheel by instead using Backend as a Service (BaaS). This service provides organizations with cloud-based services catering to backend processing.

Backend services made easy

Whether you are building a mobile app or a web app, Zuznow BaaS can provide you with a complete backend that supports authentication, data storage, and persistence all via a comprehensive REST API.

Backend features you can add with a click


Sign up users, login, reset passwords and more, in just one API call. You can put users in groups, assign roles or permissions and access everything via OAuth 2.0, without writing a single line of server code.


If you can express it in JSON, we can store it! No need for complicated database configuration and management.


Our asset storage can handle anything from text files to videos of several terabytes, with automatic content detection and full URL access control. And it’s powered by our CDN for fast delivery.


We have full SDKs for iOS, Android, and HTML5/JS.

Uncompromising quality

Let Zuznow take you beyond a traditional app that provides only a small portion of what the web application includes to an uncompromising full featured app that will keep your customers, employees, and partner engaged and connected.


With the Zuznow platform, you can have your premium app in the stores in a matter of weeks.  Most of our customers create and deliver their apps in as little as a couple of days or a few weeks and improve user engagement and adoption by 300%, reduce time-to-market by 90%, increase KPIs, while keeping pace with the latest technologies.

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