Why Choose Zuznow

Making Enterprise Mobile Development Scalable

The Zuznow platform was developed for IT Managers and teams to help them keep up with the growing demand for mobile development.


Enterprises are experiencing huge backlogs of dozens and even hundreds of web applications waiting to be available on mobile, and demand for mobile apps is already 5 times larger than IT’s capacity to deliver, it is expected to continue growing in the next years.


Understanding the limitations in resources and know-how, Zuznow developed the first platform to offer enterprise mobility with speed and scalability not humanly possible. Using advanced AI capabilities, the Zuznow platform automates up to 90% of the adaptation process, offering quick time-to-market, maximum coverage, and endless functionalities.


Zuznow’s Name

The “Zuz” (pronounced “zooz”) in Zuznow is the Hebrew word for “move”. Combining “Zuz” with “now” is our way of emphasizing how quickly the Zuznow platform helps our clients implement a complete mobile strategy.


Chen Levkovich


Rachel Batish


Orly Frank